“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you.”

- Anne Lamott

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At exhale meditation, we offer classes, workshops, and coaching to enhance performance and well-being across all areas of your life. Regular meditation helps people to develop a deeper sense of calm, focus, and purpose, which contributes to greater creativity and happiness. For organisations, this means a more engaged and productive workforce as employees feel valued and find more meaning in their work.

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Mindfulness at work

Teach the basics of mindfulness and meditation to your employees and discover how you can create a culture of engaged, happy, and productive employees. Our services include regular in-house meditation classes, workshops, events, and coaching.

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Meditation classes

We offer meditation classes in Sydney, for beginners through to experienced meditators. Whether you want to de-stress, focus, or you’d just like more joy and calm in your life, you’ll feel a shift after just one class. We aim to make meditation accessible and enjoyable.

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Mindfulness coaching

If you're new to meditation and could use some help getting started, or if you've been meditating on and off and keep getting stuck, try our 1:1 coaching program. Our coaches can also tailor a program for specific concerns such as stress, anxiety, relationships, and balance.