Mindfulness at work

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Teach the basics of meditation to your employees and discover how to create a culture of mindfulness, stronger inter-personal relationships, and improved morale in your company.

Our services include one-on-one mindfulness coaching, corporate programs, meditation classes, workshops, and events, all of which can be customised to meet your needs.

Our meditation and mindfulness events and workshops will help you increase employee productivity, creativity and focus, improve communication, and decrease stress.


Employee benefits

  • Reduced stress, anxiety

  • Improved focus, creativity and energy

  • More effective communication skills

  • Better overall health and well-being

Organisational Benefits

  • Happier, more positive work environment

  • Increased productivity and creativity

  • Lower rates of burnout and absenteeism

  • Greater efficiency


Get in touch to discuss how we can create a customised event or workshop for your needs.