“Katherine’s teaching style is infused with positivity, love, and a deep feeling of calm. Her classes are simple yet effective and leave me feeling happy and centered.”
— Suze Yalof Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Unplug Meditation

Kind words


“Over the four-week introduction to meditation course, Katherine created a comfortable and inviting space for me to learn life changing skills on how to meditate. Katherine provided a wonderful, practical set of tools for establishing a daily meditation practice. This is a beneficial course for anyone interested in learning about the world of meditation guided by a warm and loving teacher.”

— Liz, Sydney

“It’s a beautiful journey meditating with Katherine and an experience that will fill your soul. I learnt so much doing my meditation with her and will carry these tools with me through life.”

— Cherie, Sydney

“Katherine is a beautiful human with a calm, kind, open and honest nature. The ‘Who will you be in 2019?’ workshop was the perfect way to set focus for my year. Katherine provides a unique combination of values, vision, self-care, mindfulness and mediation. I gained personal insights and clear direction as well as easy to implement, practical tips to help me each day.”

— Belinda, sydney

“Katherine is a wonderful mentor and teacher, who encouraged me with my first steps on the path to meditating. Her classes were absolutely blissful!”

— Olivia sydney


“Katherine was invaluable to me when I was at professional crossroads. She carefully challenged me on some of my preconceptions and helped me to realise a few home truths which have been pretty much life changing. She is incredibly nurturing in her role, somehow merging the pragmatics of business coaching with your bigger ‘life’ picture beyond this. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone who seeks clarity, and is ready to see their current situation through a different lens.”

— Siobhan, Sydney

“Katherine’s warm, personal, and calming demeanour, coupled with her extensive knowledge of meditation practice, makes for a great afternoon of learning and personal spiritual growth. I’d highly encourage taking the time out for yourself, to think about you, your goals and what you want out of life - this session will help you consider your personal values and how you are going to get there.”

— Rachael, SYdney

“I started working with Katherine because I was having trouble deciding which career path to take. Katherine was wonderful in quickly identifying that my emotions were clouding my judgement and encouraging me to relax into the process. I’m so glad I engaged in this process with Katherine and would recommend her to anyone facing a crossroads in their professional or personal life.”

— Monica, Adelaide